AR300M (Tor, 2.264 over LAN) + other questions

Before buying, I want to make sure that I understand the following correctly (AR300M + Tor v2.264):

  1. I need to follow this guide in order to route LAN traffic through Tor.
  2. When Tor connection goes offline it won‘t expose my real IP but I will simply have no connection until Tor reconnects.
  3. I can‘t hide the SSID of any GL.iNet router.

Also I‘d like to know if there are any advantages on using an OpenWRT router like Buffalo / TP-Link for Tor instead of this one (as described on It seems to be more complicated to configure those. Do they differ in security? Is this Tor software (2.264) always up to date and secure?

You should refer to Tor docs here Overview - GL.iNet Docs

Now you need to use the switch to switch between Tor and normal network.

If you switch to Tor and Tor is not connected, you don’t have Internet.

The tor version on the router is very recent I think.

What if I would use the MT300N with the tor fw 1.0? That could hide the SSID and would let me use the lan port with tor, right?

But is the fw 1.0 safe to use? Since it was released in 2016…

I don’t think fw1.0 can hide the SSID and use LAN port.