AR300M vs AR750 Creta Range

I live in an ~500sq.ft apartment with shared wifi with the landlord who lives upstairs. I’d like to set up a separate network so my IoT devices are separate/not accessible (chromecast, sonos, lights, etc.). I’m debating between the two models in the title.

  1. Does either model have an advantage in terms of range? Will either one be sufficient to cover my apartment?

  2. Will there be any speed degradation with this setup? If so, approx. how much slower?


I have both. Either should cover 500 sq/feet. The AR750 is nice as it has two separate radios, so you should be able to connect to the shared WIFI with one radio, and use the other radio for your apartment WIFI. If you have only 1 radio, like in the AR300M, your maximum data rate will be less, as it has to receive the packet, then re-transmit the packet with the same radio. The AR750 also has two LAN Ethernet ports if you want to connect some of your devices using an Ethernet cable, where the AR300M only has one LAN port.

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You can also get the new Beryl, since you will be using it in a fixed location, it has a bit more power than the AR750 with the external antennas and better processor.


Awesome, thank you both for the helpful responses!