AR300M Webcam Software / External Access


I’ve attached a generic logitech webcam to the AR300M and can see it using the browser ( or but it either needs the initial login, or it needs the login, PLUS a username and password that I set for the actual camera function. I’d like to be able to access the camera from a web browser, ideally external access (via port forwarding I guess), and a username / password - but I’m stuck at the first step. I can’t even get a browser to get a picture from the camera without having another tab on the same browser windows connected and logged into the router using “root” access.

If this can’t be done, then perhaps if I can access the cam using some generic software then that might help, but either way, without some way of using the picture from the webcam, this feels like more of a novelty feature than something with much real-world use.

I’ve read another article / post here concerning mjpg streamer, but I loaded that up and didn’t have much luck. If anyone could help then I’d be very grateful.



The webcam can only be accessed when you login. If you don’t want this and want to use a separate username/password for mjpeg-streamer, you need to replace the mjpg-streamer program (especially its http output plugin lib so file) with one from original openwrt.

Thanks for the reply. So, I’ve removed the mjpg-streamer from the packages. Then I should find a vanilla version from openwrt and ssh into it for the upload, rather than in the packages section within the router? Sorry for being a bit new with this, but I’ve tried removing and replacing from within the router front end, with no luck, but I’m guessing it’s more back end stuff I need to do.

If I manage this, do I need to rebuild firmware or would simply uploading the package externally do it?



You can just upload the binary of mjpg-streamer and it will work. Don’t rebuild or flash the firmware.

Winscp is the best tool for you to upload files.