Ar300m wifi pineapple

has anyone been successful flashing the AR300M with the wifi pineapple software? i have been looking everywhere with no luck, only found info for the AR150.

here’s my take on the topic. a group of people who like to specialize in “inspecting things because they can” made software to to do this for their specific hardware. you now want to take their software which you assume to be hardware agnostic because others have “adjusted it” and use in a manner that they prefer you not to. instead they wish for you to buy their hardware and offer support. so lets say wifi hacking is like flying a 747. I may be rich enough to buy the plane but it’s gonna take same time before I have the plane even taxi’ing down the runway and lord knows I’m gonna be shitting my pants as my speed picks up to where I have enough lift to actually get airborne. at some point in time will be moving fast, running out of runaway and at find myself at a dead stop… that being said. find something already to go and run with. otherwise go grab a sandwich and enjoy your day doing something else.

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Just to add to what @rp201rp wrote, you will need to contact the Pineapple guys, this is not officially supported by GL in any way.

The software use on the pineapple is software available already. Why should i spend 100 dollars for a product made up of open source software, is like paying $ for Ubuntu. I paid my $ for the ar300m, all i was asking if anyone was able to modded. I appreciate your answer, but you didnt answer my question, and i certainly didnt ask for your opinion. Thank you

I asked because i saw posts of people who made changes to the Ar150, that’s the only reason.

as free software? so when you load the pineapple software on something other than a pineapple and connect to hak5’s site and download their scripts from the pineapple and hak5 is okay with that? if they changed their licensing model please let me know. I’ve always known it to be hardware based.