AR300M - wireguard - how to install

Hi there. I’m on a steep learning curve, so please forgive my stupid questions.
I have some questions about using the AR300M with wireguard.
What I want to do is use the AR300M as the connection point to the internet, rather than via the wifi that is internal to my laptop. So the setup I want would be:
Laptop (ethernet cable to) → AR300M → ISP.
I have no problem ssh to the AR300M. I have not yet installed wireguard - I don’t want to brick the AR300M, so am seeking clarification.

  1. In my proposed configuration, the AR300M would be a client - is that correct?
  2. When I come to run wireguard install script (opkg install wireguard) will that overwrite the openvpn that is installed already?
  3. Will wireguard always be running whenever I power up the AR300M? if not:
    (a) How will I turn it on; and, if opvpn and wire guard are both on the AR300M,
    (b) How will I switch between openvpn and wireguard?
  4. Now the bit where I am flummoxed. How do I insert the wireguard keys I have generated into the AR300M? The instructions here are a bit confusing. In my laptop, for instance, I merely copy the config files into the fireguard directory.
    Thanks for your time reading this and for any help and clarification you can provide.

It is hard to set up WireGuard on old firmware.

If you don’t mind, we will build a testing firmware based on v3.0 next week. It is easy to set it up.

Yup, it is.

WireGuard and OpenVPN are different, it won’t overwrite OpenVPN. But it only can run one at one time.

Yeah, it will run when booting. You switch between OpenVPN and WireGuard on v3.0 UI.