AR300M - Wireguard max speed 20mbps

I managed to extract wireguard config from cloudflare warp+ which I know are very fast, nearly like not using vpn at all, but when I put it in AR300M the max speed is 20mbps. Surprisingly my old 6416A could achieve the same speed. Could you confirm that this is max speed for the cpu range?
If I want to have more speed, what is the closest type that I need to purchase?

AR300M should be able to achieve 40+ Mpbs.

How did you test? via cable, wifi, repeater? Maybe it is limited by wifi speed?

You can also use B1300 which can achieve 190+Mbps wireguard and MV1000 which can achieve 280+Mbps

For 6416A I use cable but for AR300M I use wifi. I will test it later. My provider could achieve 35mbps, so I could expect more than 20mbps from that. Beside hardware capability, is there any settings that could cause that?

I will try to find those type. In fact there are not so much types available in my country.

VPN speed also depends on if the network is good between where you are and the vpn server.

Like if you are in Asia and using a US server, speed will never be more than 10Mbps.