AR300M with USB external antenna

I have: AR 300M and Kuma USB Wifi Antena -

I would like to use AR300M to use for local WiFi in my campervan which gets WiFi trough external USB antenna (KUMA) to connect to WiFi in my house.
If I am correct that means repeater mode. I go in settings to set up repeater - scan - it finds the network (it uses USB antenna for that for sure, otherwise it doesn’t find anything) but when I tpe password and click JOIN it doesn’t do anything.

UPDATE: Even if I try to do a repeater within GL UI without USB antenna it doesn’t join any WiFi network. Signal is full. But after clicking Join - nothing happens.

Than I went into advanced Luci.
I read a lot of stuff online, but can’t get it to work. It recognizes the USB antenna, but it doesn’t put it through my local WiFi here in a campervan. I’m attaching some screenshots:

You have to use luci for this purpose.

Your luci seems fine. Radio1 is your wifi dongle and seems it has connected as client.

What is the problem now? Connected but no Internet? If this is the problem you need to edit your repeater connection. You need to add this interface to “wan” zone.

It connects to “Mizarstvo Stare” with USB antenna, but it doesn’t put it trough to my wlan hotspot.

I did screenshots of every step connecting to “Mizarstvo Stare” - wifi in my house.

Screenshots 3 and 4 are all the time changing - it’s disconnecting or what? I don’t understand. Antenna is showing me 60%-70% of signal for Mizarstvo Stare.
Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4: