AR300M16 3.024 firmware

I purchased a new AR300M16-ext and as I want to try it with WireGuard, I went to download the latest pre-released software which is listed as 3.022 on the download site, but on the download page it directs me to, it shows it as openwrt-ar300m16-3.024-0530.bin which was built on 30-May. I am assuming that this is a replacement for 3.022, but I cannot find any notes on the site or in the forum about v3.024 and the release notes have not been updated since March and only list the changes for v3.022 and v3.017.

I loaded the 3.024 code on my router and have it working with OpenVPN without issues. I am still setting up my server side WireGuard, so I have not tested WireGuard with it yet.

Is there a place to find the release notes for v3.024?

I am also concerned as the certs look like they are out of date for the download page, as the page for the download gives me the error:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more



I won’t tell you “it’s OK” to accept that certificate, as that’s a personal decision.

In Chrome, if you click the “Not Secure” area in the address bar

You can examine the certificate, including its trust chain, domains to which it applies, expiration date, … and make an informed decision.

To me, it appears that one of the Let’s Encrypt certs with their 90-day lifespans just expired.

Edit: As noted below, there is now a current cert in place.

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I have a valid certificate here

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