[AR300M16] --- Basic installation as Repeater/WISP ----> Am I doing it right?

Hello forums,

I am a beginner, consulted the GL-Inet installation guide, but I am still unsure, if I am doing it correct …

*** Scenario:

  1. I want my “GL-AR300M16-Ext” to connect to a local “wifi service” with a captive portal
  2. I want my PC to receive the internet connection via *LAN cable’.
  3. The cable is going from the router to the PC

*** Question:

  1. Does the cable belong into the LAN port of the router … or does it belong into the WAN port?
  2. Menu “More Settings” > “Network Mode” … Do I have to chose “repeater mode” or something else?

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Repeater, yep.

But it could be that you have to connect your PC with the WiFi and portal before so you can authenticate. After it you need to clone the MAC address of the PC to your router.

Thank you, admon!

Your feedback is appreciated … :+1:

Yes, I am aware, that I might have to clone the MAC address.

People who experience that their browser is not forwarded to the captive portal, should try to deactivate “DNS rebinding attack protection” …

One can find the option under:
More Settings > Custom DNS Server

First this happened to me, I wasnt forwarded and I had to clone the MAC of my PC, to be recognized by the wifi service.

But once I deactivated that option, I could just use the “native MAC” of the router, as I was then forwarded to the captive portal and able to authenticate with my account’s username and password.

Thanks again!
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Great that it works!

Have a nice evening as well :wave:

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