AR300M16 Bricked during firmware update

Greetings everyone!

I have recently ran into an issue with my AR300M16 while trying to configure OpenVPN. While going through OpenVPN Server - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 I’ve noticed that I’m lacking controls that were available on the screenshots.

I was running 3.216 firmware, so I decided to update it to 4.3.10 version sourced from GL.iNet download center. During the local update that I have initiated from the Router’s UI the progress indicator kept spinning returning no results. The version remained the same after multiple attempts. So I decided to go the Uboot route and downloaded the Uboot file for the same 4.3.10 version.

After trying to flash the Uboot file using Uboot WebUI, the process stuck and after waiting for 30 minutes I had to unplug the router from the power source. Later I’ve tried to update the Uboot with no results as well.

Now I cannot acces nor the, and Uboot WebUI is not available either. Before the Uboot update I was able to press the reset button and see 5 LED flashes as it is stated in debricking guide, but now only left & middle LEDs a constantly lit, and the right one remains half lit. Router does not respond to any actions and I cannot see its SSID from my PC, and cannot connect to its UI neither whrough WAN nor LAN.

Is there a way from this “in between the two worlds” state, or is it fully briked now?

Thank you for your help!