AR300M16-Ext Long Range Transmit/Receive IP Camera

Hi All
I have an odd project I am trying to put together , and I came across GL iNEt’s range of products and I hope that will suit my needs
I need to transmit video from a wifi IP camera without internet , for about 300m open range no obstacles
There is no option for AC Power or Cables , so everything should be powered by PowerBanks 5V USB-C

So I was thinking one AR300M16-Ext as a router and another AR300M16-Ext as an Access Point .
Can this pair work at that distance ?
Will i need higher gain antennas ?
Will there be need to increase tx power from modified firmware ?

Looking forward hearing from you

Pretty sure that this won’t be possible. Normal Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) has approx. 70–100 meters max. distance outside without obstacles. And with this distance the signal quality won’t be high, so no good speed.