AR300M16-EXT+Mullvad slow wireguard

Hi, I get extremely low speed using Mullvad VPN (wire guard). The Shadow is connected straight to my incoming line and running the latest firmware. My computer is connected with cable to the router and on multiple speed test I can never go higher than 30 Mbit/s. If I unplug the cable from the wan port and plug it in to my computer and install Mullvad VPN I get speeds between 240-270 Mbit/s. Tested on two different locations with multiple computers always using the same VPN server.

So the Shadow is the bottleneck. Extremely frustrated, advice needed

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Yup, the shadow does not have the necessary power for high speed WireGuard as you can see here GL-AR300M Series / Shadow - GL.iNet

In field testing only 50 Mbps by using WG is possible. So 30 Mbps are fine for a normal setup.

Replace by more powerful device.

Thanks, should have done more research.