AR300M16-EXT (Shadow) Hard Bricked?


I've received a brand-new Shadow-Ext Mini Router, upon first plugging it in it never broadcasted a wifi network for me to connect to, all 3 LEDs were solid from when the device was first plugged into power.

I initially waited around 5 minutes in this state, after which I attempted to use the reset button (first for 3 seconds, and a couple minutes later for 10 seconds). In both reset attempts, there was no change to the LEDs and all 3 remained solid.

After digging around a little, I found the UBoot instructions which I believe I've been following correctly. I've plugged in an ethernet cable from the Shadow to my PC, no other ethernet ports are occupied. I've then held the reset button, and shortly after plugged in power. Once again, all 3 lights are solid and I haven't see any form of flashing from the LEDs. The Ethernet status LEDs on my PC have also been off the entire time, so I'm not sure there is any activity at all over ethernet.

I'm quite confused about this situation, and would appreciate any advice you may have!

Thank you!

First press and held the reset button.

Then power on the router. The LED should flash, once per second.

If you are not seeing that, the router should be defective.

Pls also try another power adapter. If it is the same, just get warantty.

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, trying many different ethernet and micro-usb cables as well as power sources, I've had no luck in getting the device to do anything...

I will go ahead with warranty, thanks again.