AR300M16 - No WiFi or LAN

Hi All,

I have a AR300M16 Shadow, and it has been working fine in the past. A great little device. I haven’t travelled for a while, and thus haven’t used it until this last weekend. When turning on, the Power LED comes on, but there is no WiFi and a device connected to the LAN, is not being served an IP, or even giving it a static IP, it still cannot connect to the web config page of the device.

I have followed the reset process, and that didn’t do anything, and I have followed the uboot process to update the firmware, and whilst I was able to update the firmware via uboot, once the device was flashed and the power and configuration LEDs were up, after rebooting the device, it still isn’t showing up under WiFi and the LAN port is still not doing anything.

Any ideas?

Seems that it is dead.

If you have UART, you can connect to the the router and check?

I have one of these that I use to program and ESP32…

Basically allows me to create a USB serial port. How does that work with the AR300M16? How do you go about connecting it up?

Edit… looks like I have to hack the device open. Its not that particularly old… less than a year. Whats the warranty process? Back through amazon?

Message seller via Amazon or just send email to our support.