AR300M16 - SSID not visible

Hi All, have been using the AR300M16 happily for 8 months…All good!

Device still ‘works’ for my VPN connection…but a problem has ‘appeared’ in that I cannot ‘see’ the AR300M16 wifi network SSID…

NOT FROM any device I have!

Have checked Admin panel & yes the ssid visiblity dialog is set to shown . I do not know how long this has been like this nor have I done anythiing to actually change the router setup!
Would be grateful for any ideas!


Is the band set to “Auto”? If so try changing to 1, 6 or 11.

Sorry, I see no way to set ‘auto’. Country code is set to France…channel is set to 2.

As I can see no wifi hotspot from the router using wifi scanner I consider it defunct in I will therefore be seeking a refund/replacement!


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