AR750 constantly restarts and disconects from my computer


I just got my AR750 and I am having an extremely hard time getting it to stay connected to my computer. it boots on and then about every 5 mins or so the 2g light flashes and I loose connection to my computer then it comes back on and trys to connect to the internet again but continues the cycle. I am trying to use it in repeater mode on open hotel wifi. How can i fix this?

If you use 2G to repeater, pls connect your computer to the 5G wifi.

Seems it is not stable as the repeater, which will affect the 2G wifi it broadcast itself.

Seems to me it’s roaming between the (probably many) available APs that your hotel has available to connect to- maybe because you’re far enough away from them all it’s having a hard time keeping a good signal. Can you try moving the AR750 closer to the hallway (or maybe a window) and see if it makes any difference?

Due to the way the repeater (WISP) mode works, if the WAN WiFi roams to another AP, your computer may temporarily lose the signal until the WAN WiFi gets successfully associated (I think that’s right, @alzhao? Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

AR750 has 2.4G and 5G.

If you use 2.4G as repeater (wan wifi), 5G is not affected.

It doesn’t matter where the router is, i can barely keep it connected long enough to turn the 5g on and when i do it doesn’t show up on my wireless networks