AR750 (Creta) and Xfinity secure Hotspots

I’ve managed to get my Creta router to work as a repeater with an unsecured Xfinity hotspot (using the SSID xfinitywifi). But I can’t figure out how to use the secured SSID XFINITY. Are there instructions on how to get this working?

Sorry I have no instructions to use secured ssid of xfinity.

xfinitywifi - this is captive portal - so easy to use…

XFINITY - this is Passpoint/Hotspot 2.0 implementation

Got mine working on AR750 Creta. Used Advanced settings with LuCI to connect it that way. Scan for the right access point under Network then Wireless on 802.11nac click the XFINITY then identity is your Comcast email and password.

i followed this guys guide

Encryption - WPA-EAP
Cipher Force - CCMP (AES)
EAP-Method - TTLS
Authentication - EAP-GTC

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