AR750 Discolored housing because of heat


Actually my GL-AR750 with built-in PoE module does become discolored because of heat and it was on my desk for 11 months.
You can check the pictures below, but it’s much worse in the real life.
It’s at least a 5 centimeters big yellowish spot.

I’ve sent you an email a month ago, but I got no answer, so this is why I’m creating this topic.


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Which email did you sent to? Didn’t get any about case discolor

I’ve sent it to, but I’ve attached some pictures, so maybe it was too large to receive?

Would it be possible to replace the case? Is there a housing in a different color that you could send?

At least we can replace the case.

Can you send again to the cs email? You can just quota this post without attachment. Pls send your order number as well.

We will reply. Otherwise pls let me know.

Okay, I’ve sent an email and waiting for your reply.


Received and will follow

I got the following reply.

We can help you get the replacement if you can return your device to follow address

I don’t want to return the whole unit because of this as I’m using it as my primary router.
It would be an overkill solution.

Seriously, what do you want them to do? From the photos the device looks perfect and in any case, I would call it wear and tear.
The device works perfectly, no? So where’s the problem? Or did you just want to rant about something?

As Alfie said, they can replace te case, so yes, I was surpried when Arya answered and want to replace the whole device which is not cost-efficient at all.
You can call it as you want, but the device is under warranty and you are the one who came here to harass others.

I suggest you just talk with our customer service to solve the problem instead of posting here. The forum is taken care by different people.

Okay, I will discuss the case replacement with Arya.