AR750 - Extend my FLASH to SD card/USB

Hi all,
i just expanded my memory to flash other app to my SD, but MOVING all to it and not by extending the memory. I did the job with extroot: [OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration

My question is: i wanna extend my memory and not move all to other device like this guide do. There is a similar guide to do it?
i wanna test AdGuard Home and other apps.

Thank you

please explain better

I think extroot is great and I do it on all my builds

i wanna extend my memory = firmware remains on internal FLASH memory but apps goes on external memory
Curiosity: which app do you have? Have you installed AdGuard Home?

if it can be done what would be the benefit? memory speed? not worth the crash. I use highspeed u1 micro sd cards which work fine. u3 good too. extroot copies all files so no need to manage internal memory. benefits of using 1 location far exceed the headaches. also you can do backups really easliy and revert back with a file copy.

so after creating extroot on micro sdcard or usb drive. you have 3 directories.

if you copy upper you can always copy it back so you can do a full backup of the os and then revert back

etc holds the info of what is going to be mounted at boot instead of internal memory.

work is I have no idea but it needs it.

What do you actually want to do with extended memory? extroot is, from what I know, basically to expand system memory to install apps. If you just want to extend memory for saving downloaded files then you just need to plug your external HDD or Flash drive then mount it.

you right,
basically it wasn’t understood for me the /overlay concept, i wrongly linked to /, but rootfs (the SO) it’s always storage on Flash memory
i was scared about SD fault = lose all, SO too