AR750 FW build 3.105 QoS does NOT limit data rate

Is there a work around for the QoS data rate limit not working? I have a rate set for 70 KB/S and the AR750 allows full unthrottled speeds. See below where it is allowing 178.4 KB/S. Is there a planned fix for this or is there a work around?
I have tried rebooting the AR750 and it still does not work. When I use the “set” button it reports “success” that the rate is set but then allows full unthrottled rates.


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I have searched the forums and it appears this is a bug in FW 3.105 which is also the first FW build for the AR750 to include the QoS settings. Since I use an iphone and only 3.105 works with iphone IOS 14+ then I am stuck with this FW build.

Is there an estimated date when QoS speed throttling will be fixed for the AR750?
Which device works properly with IOS 14+ AND has the QoS throttling working properly?

I downgraded to FW 3.027. It does not limit the data rate either. It appears that none of the AR750 firmware builds have QoS working properly to limit speed. It is unfortunate because this is the only reason I bought the device.

I found a thread where the 300M works with a downgrade to FW 3.104. I will try to return this device and get the 300M.

This should be fixed in snapshot.