AR750 openwrt-ar750-3.025-0710.bin

Hi, I have a AR750 with openwrt-ar750-3.022-0329.bin and all is ok.
In download section I’ve found new AR750 openwrt-ar750-3.025-0710.bin then what are the changelog?
If I would upgrade my device can I flag the “Keep Settings” option or it’s better not saving settings?

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3.022->3.025, we just add some new features. Sorry, the testing firmware hadn’t changelog, we only output the changelog when release firmware is released.

“Keep Settings” should be ok.

Any informations about new features…?:grinning:

@kyson-lok Now I see AR750 openwrt-ar750-3.026-0718.bin and the file releasenotes is empty…
Any news about?

One of the new feature is Cloud - GL.iNet Docs

Here you are.