AR750 POE issue

need help -
got 2 new AR750 units on Amazon today because of their POE support.
I use a Netgear GS108PEv3 as my main POE switch, which I want to power the 2 AR750 units.

bottom line - the AR750 units don’t power up at all.
I tested them both first with regular micro-usb power and they seem to work fine.
but when connecting the POE cable (to the WAN port on the AR750) they simply don’t turn on.

and just to state the obvious -

  • POE was connected only after the micro-usb cable was disconnected
  • the POE switch works perfectly fine and has powered numerous POE devices before

any ideas?

Is your PoE standard 48V output?

For AR750, can you make sure you bought the PoE version? Standard version does not have PoE.

hi @alzhao

yes, my POE is standard and capable (mentioned an exact model above).

I bought my AR750 units from the GL-iNet store at Amazon (US). there is no mentioning anywhere of a specific/separate POE model for the item. it just shown an item that is bundled with a POE adapter which I don’t need since I have a POE switch which supplies an appropriate POE line.

if the POE model contains an internal modification to the AR750 and not just bundled with an external POE adapter (like it currently does), then I strongly recommend that you colleagues will change the wording in the Amazon product pages so it would be clear there is a different physical model and what/how it does and works.

I will wait for your confirmation that I understood you correctly to return the items to Amazon.

Pls send me your order ID by private message or to and we will check for you.

Sorry but I think if you bought off Amazon US no POE as standard. The fact that it is optional stated twice in the description.


hi @limbot
you are correct, but if you read thru the product page you will see that the “POE model” just has an additional “POE adapter” which is common speak for a POE injector.
I do not need a POE injector because my switch (Netgear) provides the POE directly out of its ports.

it is very common for POE enabled devices to have 2 product pages : one with just the product, and one bundled with a POE injector. this is why I didn’t worry when I made my purchases.

on the other hand - if there is something INTERNALLY different in the AR750 with the “POE option” then it would have been a good idea to have the product page be clearer about it or even maybe have a separate SKU or Product Name (like AR750p or something)

There’s definitely a separate module that goes inside the router that converts the PoE input from a PoE Switch or Injector into usable voltage to run the device. In some previous models I know you could buy the PoE module separately and install it yourself (required soldering) but I don’t know if that’s still the case with the AR750 (may be a module specific to the AR750 form factor too).

BTW: You mentioned “PoE Adapter” and “PoE Injector”, but in every pic of the Amazon store provided above, it shows “PoE Module”, which is neither an adapter or injector of any kind.

Basically I think you need to send an email to alzhao as per his comment above and check if you got the right devices. If not, I am sure he’ll be able to sort things out.

agree, and done.

but to my earlier point -
if the items are internally different then it would be a good idea to give them subtly different model names like it is done with the external antenna models (with “-ext”) etc.

It’s definitely not as clear-cut in the description and item details as it could be. If you look on the GL-Inet direct store their page makes it more obvious:
When you pick AR750, there is a drop down right there that says “POE” with options “None” or “Built-in POE module +$7”.

On the Amazon page though there is absolutely no clear-cut/obvious statement that you are purchasing the non-POE or any link that I could find even to say “If you want the POE version click here” kind of thing…