AR750 "repeater mode" - multiple upline AP's priorities?

I like the fact that I can setup several upline AP’s to WISP into! However, if one stops what’s the priority of next inline to be tried? Any details of how that works?

It tries one by one as stored in the UCI, which should be the same as your joined.

Any sorting by any other criteria than “date added”? What about signal strength (if there’s two currently visible)?

Im truly struggling to get past this captive portal
Was able to get the 750 to provide internet access via repeater on the hotel hotspot, for a full 5 minutes before it quit. And that was only when i’d cloned my mac from my laptop. Regardless of that, still doesn’t work.


You can see that the DNS rebind is unticked,
and that i’m connected to their wifi
yet i’m not presented with a portal page
and even after cloning my MAC (my last real hope) it still doesn’t work


this wasn’t an issue before the update (that i recall) but it’s happening on 3 different devices

I was in a similar situation once at a hotel- the issue was DNS caching on my laptop, IIRC. Don’t know what OS you’re using, but on (Ubuntu) Linux I completely tore down the networking stack by un-checking/re-checking “Enable Networking” to clear the DNS cache, then tried connecting and logging in again.

Almost all captive portals use names (vs. IP addresses) that can only be resolved by the DNS you get when you sign into their network; if you’re trying to lookup via DNS entries that were cached from some other session, the DNS lookup either fails due to insufficient connectivity, or the address isn’t resolved, so no captive portal login page.

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Sometimes after you change the DNS settings you need to reconnect repeater.

If your have passed the portal using your phone or pc, I cannot think of a reason that clone Mac doesn’t work.

BTW: do you mean old firmware has no problems while v2.27 has?