AR750/S - Bug in UI Clients list - Fw 3.203-0701


1 AR750S DHCP server for LAN and GUEST for this AR750S and 2 AR750 wired
Firmware 3.203-0701 (beta4) for all.

I noticed that if a vlan with ID 3 is created, the Wired device UI client list disappears and everything goes to Offline devices on all routers when there is the vlan3.

I’ve tried it several times and deleting tertf files in temp/tertf and etc/tertf every time.

The Wired devices on the list are the 2 AR750 routers and all other devices connected to this 2 AR750 over Wi-Fi.

Does anyone else have that problem?

EDIT after 24h:

OK, I have tested it on my routers. Depending on the vlan linked to the ethernet interface, it makes Wired list disappear or 2,4 Clients are moved to the Offline list, etc.
How does the UI Client list work or to which interface is it linked? (if it works like this)

2nd EDIT:
I also see that the ethernet interfaces change their mac when the associated wifi is disabled or enabled,
Now guest and lan have the same mac, but if I disable guest wifi, the guest mac changes.

Could this be a reason for the UI Client list not working properly?

Thank you

You can send out your VLAN configuration to see



I have resetted all the routers and make vlans starting with 10. I really don’t know what happened there, but when the vlan was 3 the Wired client devices list disappeared and they all went offline, I put 10, the offline devices got back online in Wired list. Also was trouble with 33, I don’t remember all numbers, I made a lot of testing error-good.

I was adding 3 vlan more all with their own DHCP server and different IP from AR750S for total 5 different SSID (including “LAN” SSID and “Guest” SSID) for 3 free open wifi networks for neighbours so they can reach educational free websites here in my country, another one with just Whatsapp and another one for Symantec updates for friends they can come close to my house to update their Symantec Antivirus.

My configuration is 1 AR750 connected to 1 AR750 and from this another 1 AR750 because it is a very long house and each routers have the same SSID and vlans.

Not now anymore, I just wait to reconfigure the routers, lots of power outages now every day, I don’t want to crash the routers on reboot.

Thank you.


Are you in LUCI configuration vlan, convenient lucI configuration screenshots have a look; Then send out the /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless configurations as well.
You don’t need to change your current configuration, you just need to send the current configuration, I will follow your configuration, set the VLAN ID to 3.

Sorry like I said I factory reset all routers and now I have regular 2.4 and 5ghz LAN and guest wifi, I have removed all other wifi networks and other vlan …
I just hope that the power outages in my country become less frequent and then I will try again to do all the things as I want. Even my laptop has no battery so I use to do the necessary things, watch news and some essential things and I am stressed ahahaha when the power goes out, I have 2-3 minutes to turn off the laptop before it shuts down due to lack of battery.
Thank you!

Thank you for your information. I will first configure the VLAN3 mode by myself. And good luck getting the power back on your side.

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