AR750 Usage Logs?

Hi there. Have setup my AR750 with tethering to a Franklin R910 mifi modem, seeing it properly as usb0. I have two SSIDs setup, one 5G, the other 2.4G.

Is there a quick / easy way to log/view data usage over time, either by SSID, or by MAC address? I have dug through all the menus, including the advanced settings menus, but havent found anything self-evident. I’m not very advanced in my technical skills (like, I can’t program my own commands).

I have checked out YAMon webpage, but it seems a bit daunting, and it requires me to have a USB stick in the usb port, which I cant do right now (tethering).

I would consider upgrading the firmware to 3rd party with native support for usage logs, but would need to make sure I dont sacrifice tethering capability or brick my box.

Any ideas? Looking to monitor data usage to break down who’s using how many Gigs per month. Thanks in advance!!

Adding usage monitoring is a good user experience. Will consider this.

Thanks, hope y’all consider it for the next firmware update… Until then, has anybody else figured out a way to log usage on this box, through diff firmware or other ways?