AR750 + WireGuard + Netflix

Hi guys,

I want to Wireguard VPN on my AR750. This works great. Only problem is that I can’t use Netflix anymore, because they see I’m using a VPN.

Is there a way to let Wireguard bypass Netflix so it doesn’t use the VPN?

I’ve tried this with the packages vpn-policy-routing and vpnbypass, but whatever rule I set it doesn’t make a difference.

My setup is like this:

  • 1 router with a internet connection
  • 1 AR750 with WAN connected to the router LAN
  • 1 TV with Fire Stick connected with WLAN (dedicated IP) to AR750

Any advice would be appreciated.

Check this post Bypass VPN for certain websites - #5 by alzhao

Can you tell me what is your wireguard server?

Does Netflix detect by IP or by data packet?

Thanks for responding!

I think Netflix blocks VPN service provider’s IP addresses. Pls check with the service provider.

You can put a server in your US home and use your own server. Then Netflix can do nothing,

The problem is that I live in Vietnam and in the evening outgoing connections get really bad. A VPN with Wireguard makes it 10-20x better.

I have used a mullvad wireguard server that was in the us. It worked with Netflix. Lots of the servers didn’t though, so you’ll have to check them until you find one.

This is the main issue. Services like Netflix actively block VPN endpoints so you have to find one that works.

I am already using AR750S + WireGuard + Netflix
Unseen soap series