AR750S 19.07 NAND firmware compile issue

I brough an AR750S which has 16MB NOR flash and 128MB NAND flash at July 2020.
I make sure it has 128MB NAND flash because I can see it from df output if I flash their official FW.
And I buy this one rather then AR750 because AR750S has NAND flash.
But don’t know why they removed NAND flash from its specifications now.

I have some compile issue for NAND FW.
I can compile NAND FW with 18.06 from their official source at the first beginning. But because some of plug in I need is under 19.07, I’m trying to compile NAND FW with 19.07 source.
I sent emails to ask GL support when this AR750S can support 19.07 with NAND.
Soon then answer me on Sep 3, 2020 saids now AR750S NAND is supported at 19.07.2 branch.
But I never success with this 19.07.2. I sent 2 more emails to GL support and no more feedback till now. And after that I check the link where I buy AR750S, the NAND flash is removed from its specifications.
It look like they have give up NAND flash for this product.

Here is my issue:

  1. Target system and target profile is different. Don’t know why the profile name is NOR/NAND
    target name is AR79xx in 18.06, target profile is GL.iNet GL-AR750S NAND
    target name is ATH79 in 19.07.02, target profile is GL.iNet GL-AR750S NOR/NAND

  2. NAND flash is 128MB, I tried to compile with GL.iNet GL-AR750S NOR/NAND
    Compile is success, but there is no *.ubi file which is the NAND FW. It has bin file and tar.gz file.
    Can’t boot if I flash the bin file.

  3. De-brick UI is different.
    My one has Choose file and Update firmware 2 buttons only.
    The de-brick UI from GL official website for AR750S show 4 buttons. The first line is Choose File and Update Nand firmware, the second line is Choose File and Update nor firmware.

Sorry, I can not upload screen shot here, seems I do not have permission to do that.

How can I compile 19.07.x NAND FW for AR750S?
Any one who can help is appreciated!

what email did you sent from? didn’t get any email from your forum registerred email.

I send emails to Found it form GL-iNet website.

Why the target profile is GL.iNet GL-AR750S NOR/NAND in 19.07 source?
It is for NOR or NAND? Or it is for both NOR and NAND? I compile success with this profile, but there is no *.ubi file.
The profile name in 18.06 is GL.iNet GL-AR750S NAND, and it can compile and flash successfully.

Will check and reply