AR750s and OpenWRT - How can I use pptp or l2pt?

Hi I have the AR750s router with OpenWRT. The only way I can use a vpn at my work is to use PPTP or L2PT.

I cannot find this feature anywhere on this router? I can only see OpenVPN and WireGuard. I have had many routers before where i can use PPTP.

Does anyone know how I can do this with the AR750s?

First you should upgrade to firmware 3.201 beta6

Then you can just set up in luci.

I just upgraded to this firmware. How can I select PPTP, I cannot see this option?

Do you know how I can set up in LUCI. I have 3.201 installed, but still cannot see this in LUCI.

I have no idea why openwrt removed luci-proto-pptp and luci-proto-l2tp in 1907

So my ignorance.

Just install these two packages: ppp-mod-pptp, xl2tpd and you will have pptp and l2tp in luci. No need luci-proto-pptp and luci-proto-l2tp