AR750S bridge between Laptop in AP mode and device in Ad hoc mode

What configurations are required to configured my AR750S as a bridge between my Laptop in AP mode and another device in Ad hoc mode? I am not connecting the AR750S to the internet. I can connect the laptop WiFi (5G radio) to the AR750 in AP mode, no problem. I can connect using ethernet the AR750 to another device using the 2.5G radio in ad hoc mode, no problem. I can NOT make the wireless bridge between my laptop to the ad hoc device. (My laptop must be in AP mode and I cannot change the other device from ad hoc mode because it is using a wireless ad hoc mode with other devices.)

What are the possible things I am doing wrong considering that I have the two halves working fine independently?

You cannot connect your laptop to the adhoc wifi directly?

If not this seems difficult. Wireless bridge is difficult