AR750S Can I share internet from USB?

Hey guys, I have RaspberryPi Zero connected to my router through a single USB + ethernet to micro USB cable and was wondering if it is possible to tether the RaspberryPi from the USB port so I can ditch the Ethernet part. Thanks !!

The router can tethering iPhone and Andriod. It needs drivers.

So if you Pi Zero use the same driver as Andriod or iPhone it should be OK. Otherwise you need to install the driver by yourself.

thank you for you reply, but when you say tether do you mean mobile internet to router? because what I meant is actually the other way around. thanks again !

I see. Have never done that. But it should be doable, as it is just like a cable connection.

In the router side, you need to put the usb0 (or eth1 according to your server) in the LAN connection. In the phone side, I don’t know how to set up.