AR750S could it be blocking web pages?

I set up this router with NordVPN and it seemed to work just fine. However I am discovering that some pages, absolutely legitimate sites, do not open and I get that little not safe sign before the URL.
I connected this router to my older TPLINK which did not support VPN, so when I switched to it I had no trouble opening the pages that were otherwise deemed unsafe.
I tried shutting off the vpn on the AE750S router but there was no difference.
What is going on? I have been going crazy trying to figure out if it is the vpn or the router’s fault. Can anyone tell me?
I would appreciate any assistance as Gl inet does not answer emails nor facebook messages.

Are you sure you can’t connect when you turn off the VPN?
I have the same issue with an AR300M but it connects fine when i disable the VPN.

could you be using ‘kidsafe’ dns forwarder?

I screened all Facebook messages and cannot find which is you. But we did reply all.

Emails received but pls allow one day so that guy in charge can reply.

As other people said, can you post your internet status page so that we can have a check. Mostly we want to know your DNS.

Thank you for answering. Yes I tried that with no luck. As I was researching the net for an answer, I ran across a person with a Netgear router who had the very same problem and many others as well. Solved: Re: Router randomly blocking websites - NETGEAR Communities
Finally at the end of the page someone suggested how to power cycle your home network and that did it.
Now it is working just fine, but I have no idea what caused it and if it will occur again.
Another issue is the 5g connection. The little light is always fixed and I do not see it as an option for my wifi. I do see the 5g with the other router I have, but not for this one. IS it broken?

Thanks for answering.
No clue what that is, but I did not able it anywhere as there are no kids here!

is this what you wanted?
I am having the problem again with or without the vpn being connected. It is definitely your router.

Now you have vpn enabled. We’d rather want to see when you don’t have vpn enabled.

Maybe you can send some logs. Just ssh to your router and try to connect to the website you are connecting to

ip route