AR750S drops all connections including the lan

hi there,
I would like to seek your help regarding my new AR750S. I did receive it about 7 hr ago and spent the last 3-4 hr with troubleshooting… I did try to use it in repeater mode , but started to drop the wifi connections(I thought at first) both 2Ghz and 5Ghz leds went black and couldn’t reconnect for a while. I did try to connect a cable and it worked at first, but after that I got connection time out message on the router setup page… sinnce that time I did refresh the fw, uploaded old fw, upgraded, did put back the old but it is just not working… definitely not as I would expect from a router… 99% of the time the leds go off and I have a not too warm hand warmer instead of my new travel router… (I did try to login the Luci page, but didn’t accept my password(I know, shouldn’t add special character…) few mins later the wifi (including Alan) starts to work for a short period of time
If anyone ha a solution that can make this work, please share with me, because I’m about to check out my options to give it back or just accept this won’t work ever…
Thank you in advance

If all LEDs goes dark for around 1 minutes, the power has issues and the router reboot.

The first thing is to try another power adapter.

If still does not work just get an replacement.

Thank you. the power led is green, the other two leds go off for a few mins, come back for a little bit and go off again shortly… During that time, there is no connection to the router.

If you use repeater, e.g. using 2.4G, during connection stage 2.4G will be affected but 5G should be OK.

When you are able to connect back you can ssh to the router and use “logread” to get the log?

Hi Alzhao, thank you so much! I’m able to SSH with Putty to the router and check the log. It seems, the router started to work, even I’m not sure which option done the magic. I did change the USB cable. flashed with the gl-ar750s-3.0-1011_clean rom and later when I could , I did re-flash with the openwrt-ar750s-3.105-0104. Also connected it in repeater mode with the 2.4 GHz to the router and left the 5Ghz for the devices. it is online and up and running 11hr ago. I will play with it later today , but hopefully it will be stable. thanks again for the ideas and your help

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Maybe changing the USB cable just helps.