AR750S-Ext Backup current & Restore to new

Currently using a AR750S-Ext and it’s been working very nicely. Have purchased another as a spare so want to get my current settings over to it and have it setup ready in case any issues with current one.

Opened Luci and went into the System menu then Backup/Restore and did a Generate Archive (Download Backup) which gave me a file called backup-GL-AR750S-2021-10-31.tar.gz

If I connect to the new unit, open Luci and go into the System menu then Backup/Restore and do a Upload Archive (Restore Backup) from the file above and do a reboot, would that set the new unit to exactly what I currently have ??
Would things like Admin Password, LAN IP, Static IP Address Binding etc. be the same ??

you can open the backup file and find out what files are there. Generally what you said is there.

One thing to pay attention: the mac address of each router should be different. Restoring your config on another router could making the mac address the same, thus causing problems.

The mac address are in /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless

So if I was to use the backup to do the setup in the new router, to make sure I have all the settings as per currently, is there any way once than is done to be able to change the Mac Address in the new router to what it should be (as obtained from the label on the rear of the product) ??

I think now it is better to change manually. I don’ have a script now.