AR750s-EXT, no internet-connection

I use to run my pc-intenet with an external “HUAWEI-5372-91EA” mobile-4G connection (without router).

I bought the “AR750s-EXT Slant” to have a mini-router so i can connect with LAN to other networks on my pc. I use the wlan from the Huawei in the “WI-FI mode” on the router (where it shows up) but it doesn´t connect with the internet, so im not able to syncronize the router´s time or updadates. I also connected a security-cam on the 2nd Lan-port to the Slant but it doesn´t shows the connection in the “Admin panel”

I´ve also tried it by connecting the router with 4G-surfstick (HUAWEI E3372h-153) attached on the USB-port and run it in the “Tethering-Mode”, but again the stick was recognised but the router did not connect with the internet.

Summary: The router recognizes both Internet-sources but it can´t be used for internet, the same when it comes to W-LAN from the router, it says “no internet” when connected to it.

  • I´ve tried it on 2 PC´s (WIN7 and WIN10)
  • The router runs under since the external “HUAWEI-5372-91EA” has
  • I run Bitdefender for Net-secrity
  • I have 2 networks showing on my pc (GL-AR750s-2be, GL-AR750s-2be-5G) but “No internet” when connected.
  • The router was manually updated to the latest firmware from December.

My network-knowlede is not very good, so if there is someone in this forum who could help me out to solve this problem would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Huawei also use So you need to change the LAN IP of the AR750s to or others. You cannot use for it and it does not work in that way.