AR750S firmware verification fail?

Hi all
Im a complete newbie so please go easy on me
I ve just got the Slate and i am trying to update the firmware through the webpage.
i can download the latest firmware 3.201 but when it tries to install it the following happens

Any idea’s???

Please update from 3.104 to 3.105 and then to 3.201.


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thanks limbot
works all good now

I don’t see an option/know how to update to an earlier version… In the Admin UI it downloads the most recent version.

How do I get and install the version you suggest?

All I see is, “Available Update ( 3.203 )”
I’m currently at 3.025


Download 3.015 and upgrade, then download 3.203 and upgrade.

That should be - download 3.105 and upgrade