AR750S Form Token Mismatch

A recent owner of the rather Excellent AR750S, I’m having trouble with rtorrent that I installed.

When I try to add a magnet file I get the error “Form token mismatch” telling me the security token is expired.
Can anyone help with this please? I found a similar error for the AR300M as follows: AR300M Form token mismatch so I wondered if the same problem exists with the AR750S…

I’m running 3.104, so the latest firmware.
I’m happy to use Transmission, but I cannot find a tutorial that works for me now. Any ideas there would be equally welcome!

thanks for any help!

Pls try the same as the AR300M post and see if it can fix.

Thanks alzhao for the fast response!

I tried the AR300M post but it didn’t work for me, sorry. Any other idea please?