AR750S Iphone 12 Pro Max tethering issue

Hey guys, I am having a problem with USB tethering my iPhone 12 Pro Max (14.4) to the AR750S Slate.

When I turn on sharing and plug in the phone I get the “Trust this Computer” and the Slate responds to “Connect” > eth1 under tethering.

However, when I click connect, it spins for about 45 seconds before it gives me the Error - Cannot connect, check that sharing is turned on.

So I have tried rebooting the router, phone, unplug and replug, on/off sharing etc… Nothing seems to work. I read it was fixed in the latest firmware(which I have installed) but nothing.


Update: Tethering works fine on the new Bery MT-1300. It’s just the Slate doesn’t work.

Please help, I need to get the Slate to tether.

Please upgrade your firmware to the latest 3.105 version first.
I just took a test, it works fine. Here is download link for your upgrade:
Please download the .tar file for local upgrade.

Another thing to remind you, it must be the 3.105 version modified on 09 Dec 2020.