AR750s MicroSD troubleshooting

HI, I am using an exFat 128GB sandisk Ultra microSD card in the router. I have enabled SAMBA on my mac and windows pc that connect to the router via wireless network and ethernet. I can view the microSD card contents as READ only. I want to be able to write/read to this drive. Is it possible? I am using software 3.002 and the option to enable “share to lan” is not clickable in the AR750s admin panel. I don’t know how to respond to this thread but I have already toggled “writable” option in the settings

You should tick Writable option.

My settings look like this

My preference would be to have anyone be able to access the drive on the network without a username or password

Share on LAN is always enabled. You cannot turn it off.

I think by default it has no username and password.

Can you read and write now?

had to reformat my exfat to ntfs in order to make my microsd writable.
which was a pain since I use a mac.

wish you could look into that, see no reason why exfat should not be writable.

OK. Sure. @kyson-lok pls record this issue.

Thank you! Formatting in NTFS solved the problem. I can now read/write to my microSD from all users on the network. I will try in Ext4 to see if there is increased performance.

NTFS gets me 4 MB/s while trying to write a 5GB file to the microSD. Ext4 gets me only 2 MB/s. Neither of these are close to the write speed of 16 MB/s I can get on the card but clearly NTFS is faster. Odd, because I figured Ext4 would have been native.

On a related topic my ar750 shared network drive in windows explorer has filled up with all my different old microSD names. Same for my Mac finder, it shows old microSD drives I previously inserted and try’s to mount them.

Same for me, seems it creates a mount directory for each card you put in which never gets deleted. I rm:ed them but might not be the best way.

Is this being looked into?
It is really a pain for us Mac users.


Thanks for remind. Put this in the bug list.


I’ll add my request for (return) support of exFAT file system. Evidently, this is another feature that was removed from 3.010 for AR750 but was present during 2.272. The help docs even suggest the same:

External Drive Format Support FAT32/NTFS/EXT4/EXT3/EXT2

External Drive Format Support FAT32/NTFS/exFAT/EXT4/EXT3/EXT2

I’m not sure why for 3.010 you guys dropped exFAT write support (I can read but not write). Please add back as the AR750 hardware is capable (not sure about AR750S). I’m not a fan of changing the file system of my 128GB microSD card to get compatibility for AR750 and then break for other systems (camera, OS X, etc.)