AR750S on 4.14.X Linux Kernel

What is the most latest linux kernel that AR750S support? Currently I’m on 4.9 and I noticed when tethering via mwan3, my packets constantly dropped. I suspect this is due to lower kernel version.

On the other hand, my GL INET M300N which is running on kernel 4.14 works fine with tethering. The configuration is same, the only difference is the kernel version.

How do we upgrade the kernel? I upgraded it just now to 3.105 but the kernel version is still stuck to 4.9

Please help

We will upgrade to openwrt 1907 this month and you will have newer kernel.

You can also download firmware from openwrt snapshot if you can configure using luci

How do I know if I can upgrade to 1907? Is it going to be available on the GUI like 3.0.6?

Also how can I upgrade manually using snapshot?

And do you know which exact date this month? Any website or github to monittor?

@alzhao do we have timelines for the release?

Just hold on for days and we will make it available this month.

It is february now, do we have any update on this @alzhao

Snapshots of 3.2x firmware you can find:

Discussion about the status of the 3.2x snapshot firmware you can find:

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