AR750S: plain vanilla OpenWrt image not compatible?


this commit Git - openwrt/openwrt.git/commit added AR750S to OpenWrt snapshots. Unfortunately the resulting images ( are not flashable - wrong image!

What are the reasons, maybe missing nand support? Any concrete plans to support plain vanilla OpenWrt?


AR750S has 16MB Nor flash and 128MB nand flash. The openwrt image is only for Nor while the stock firmware is for nand.

Pls use uboot if you want to use the Nor image. But you will loose the Nand flash in that firmware

In contrast to the AR300M-Lite uboot screen, the AR750S uboot screen at either or doesn’t appear to have a way to upload a NOR-based image.

Edit: It appears that uploading a sysupgrade.bin file will flash NOR and the router will boot from that image. Is this the intended behavior / usage?

root@GL-AR750S:~# strings /dev/mtd0 | fgrep -i boot | head -n 1
U-Boot 1.1.4-gcf378d80-dirty (Aug 16 2018 - 07:51:15)

Just use the same box and upload a Nor firmware. It will work.

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