AR750S Power output clarifying

Hello guys, new owner of a gl-ar750s-ext router, i decide to bought it has my main personal router and also his compact design for any kind of travel. i have some knowledge on openwrt system so i will be configuring next days my new little beast.

I would like to be clarified about a doubt (probably new owners will ask this too):
Wich is the properly way to power this router?
direct connection to a USB port on PC or always use the power usb adapter?

Any other question or help i can provide i will post it!
Thanks for everything!.

Using usb adapter is recommended.

If you use USB port on PC, it might suffers from insufficient power supply.

Yes, thank you kyson, im using it with his power usb adapter since beginning, but i see a review video on youtube saying that can be powered by a usb port and my doubt start, maybe it can, but off course power output from a USB port is not enough to properly run this router.