AR750S - Prioritizing uplink APs


Running AR750S (Slate) with firmware 3.009, with always on OpenVPN. Works great !
This connects to one of two Access Points. I need to be able to set a priority, say if AP-One is available, use it, if not use AP-Two. If connected to AP-Two, scan periodically to see if AP-One is available and switch to it, if it is available.

The next firmware update seems to have “Scan and Re-Connect” option. Will it be able to provide the above described functionality ?

It appears the Travelmate package would be able to give me this functionality. Is that the recommended way to achieve this ? Any other options ?


No, there haven’t priority option. It just deal with the reconnect. It means you have two available AP, and you are connected one of them, when the AP is disappear, it will try to connect to the second AP.

If you has a lot of available APs, it sorts by signal.

Bummer. Appreciate the quick reply.

So Travelmate is the only option then. In other threads, it is said that if Travelmate is used then gl_health should be removed. Is that the case / requirement? Will there be any other negative impact if gl_health is removed?