AR750S Slate disconnecting from free network (WPA2 Enterprise)


In my country we have an operator that uses several free hotspots that can be used if you are a subscriber.

So I have a subscription and would like to make use of the free hotspots that are offered when on vacation.
These hotspots are called ‘TelenetWifree’ (Telenet is a Belgium operator) and are use WPA2 Enterprise to login.

The repeater function with the AR750S Slate works fine, and I’m able to setup a local network, but after a while the AR750S disconnects / is kicked? from the ‘TelenetWifree’ network.

When I restart the wireless antenna connected to the ‘TelenetWifree’ via Luci everything works again, only to again drop the connection after a while…

Is there a way to solve this?

  1. Why is the connection dropping? Some kind of timeout that the operator has put to avoid abuse of the free hotspots?
  2. Can the AR750S be configured so it knows when it is beeing dropped so it can restart/reset the connection? (I have auto-reconnect enabled, but this does not seem to work, only a full restart or wireless antenna reset through Luci seems to help.)

Any help?

I’m using my AR750S Slate to repeat an WPA2 Enterprise network