AR750S Slate Keeps Disconnecting Unstable Repeater

So I’ve been reading through past threads on this topic and it was claim firmware 4.x was going to move to a newer version of open-ddrt.

Whatever happened to that direction of travel?

I’m seriously disappointed in the behaviour of this device.

So are you asking about firmware 4.x or want to solve the disconnect problems?

To solve the disconnect problems, pls give details, e.g. firmware version, log etc.

i am going to guess they are referring to the frequent connection drop out which have many threads on this forum covering it. i have it myself at least once per day the router will drop all connections and seem to perform a reboot. This has been for me over a year and i am currently using 3.211

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That’s it exactly. It’s very frustrating. I saw chatter in another post this would be resolved in firmware 4.x. So I’m wondering when this will be released.

I’m using firmware 3.211. I read in a previous post that a newer version of open-ddwrt would be incorporated in firmware version 4.x that may solve this issue that everyone seems to be chattering about in the forums. In fact, you (alzhao) were the one who mentioned it. I wanted to know what is the timeline for release?

So I may have this mixed up. This may be referring to a newer linux kernel. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

I believe it is referring to this…

Here is again the summary:

In the forum there are mixed information from years ago.

  • Most of the problems has been resolved.

  • Repeater, being a wifi connection, does has probability to disconnect. But we don’t see any specific reason related to this. It is related to channel, encryption, interference etc.

  • We were saying that in firmware 4.x we will further improve repeater management, by giving more options to optimize the connection.

  • There is one mention that there is a bug in ath9k but didn’t get confirmed. In this case you can use 5G wifi and it should not have problem.