AR750S Slate: Power LED turns OFF and ON but mostly remains OFF

I notice that the power led is always off now, even if I turn on or just reboot, on my AR750S (Slate).
I looked in /sys/devices/platform/leds-gpio/leds and I saw this “gl-ar750s:white:usbpower” along with “gl-ar750s:white:power”
Is this normal?
In my other two AR750 (Creta) “white:usbpower” doesn’t exist. Also I cannot erase if I want to nor edit because I see Brightness in 5 in “:white:usbpower”.
Meanwhile “white:power” is 255 Brighness so I think that’s ok.
I don’t know if the problem is caused by this “:white:usbpower” or it is just LED malfunction or that the LED is burned out.
Somebody can help me?
Thank you.

EDIT 4 hours later:
I disabled/enabled STA Wifi and changed Local Domain Names in all routers (just for fun) in LuCI and the LED is ON again…so no burned out LED.

EDIT 5 hours later:
The LED turn off again alone, no changes made to the router.

First, usbpower is used to control the power of USB-A port. So pls do not touch it.

Did you change your LED settings before? Maybe you can just reset the firmware so that it goes back to orignal one.

Ok for usbpower, i’ve just tried once but not allowed to make any changes.

No, never changed LED settings before.

OK will reset firmware and tell you.

Thanks alzhao!

Updated Firmware to last openwrt-ar750s-AdGuardHome (for testing) and factory reset, but Power LED remains OFF.

Sometimes it gets ON but not very much lately and then the light slow down to OFF in 5mn time.
I have original transformer but also testing in a 2A USB charger, the Power LED remains OFF.

Thank you!

Does the router still work?

Hello, alzhao.

Yes, no problem with router, just Power LED always OFF now, other LEDS OK, never touched LED config.
I have nothing in USB port, just SD card and one wired network in LAN Port1, WAN and WAN6 are disabled in Interfaces, because always using WISP which I connect with luci no with GL.UI. Never disconnects from AP at 50mts.
Plugins: upnp, wifi-schedule, samba and ddns in luci.
Also when updated firmware reset factory, power led OFF too, never ON and no LAN cable no plugins installed yet, factory config only.

Thank you!

Mine did the same thing I have a V1 of the AR750S change the power adapter but what mine did was only the power LED would be on but nothing else

Have you checked that the two wifi radios are working fine? When I use luci-app wifi.schedule to switch off wifi radios, the two Led also are OFF but never the Power.
Now the Power LED is always OFF even if I switch ON router to the electricity.

Seems you have a broken LED.

:cry: Yes, I think I will open router and look inside.

I noticed you mentioned your AR750S is V1.

Is there any way to check whether the AR750S is V1 or V2 (or other versions)? How many versions are there and what’s the difference?

Can anyone check the hardware versions of AR750s?