AR750S Slate RepeaterMode


I have hit some issues when configuring my AR750S in repeater mode.
I can successfully configure wireless access to my ISP supplied router, a Virgin Superhub 3.0.
I have two devices wired to the AR750S ethernet ports.
Both devices correctly get an IP address from the DHCP server on Virgin router but when I log into the Virgin router I am not seeing them as connected devices.
The list of connected devices lists only the AR750S with the correct MAC address but with what appears to be the highest IP address allocated across the devices connected to the AR750S.
i.e. when in router mode I can see that the AR750S is connected with an IP address of
but when I switch to repeater mode the AR750S appears in the connected devices list with IP address with the correct MAC address of the AR750S. Addresses and have been assigned to the two devices wired to the AR750S.
So I am not seeing the two wired devices in the list of connected devices on the Virgin router ?

My questions are :

  1. Is this what I should see ?
  2. I want to reserve IP addresses for the two wired devices. Can I set this up as normal on the Virgin router via their MAC addresses ?
    3 Once I switch to repeater mode I lose the ability to connect to the AR750S in Admin mode. If I rename the AR750S 5G and 2.4G SSID’s when in router mode. Will theses names be remembered by the AR750S when I switch to repteater mode,



Repeater mode, do you mean the WISP repeater on the Internet settings or more settings->network mode?

WISP repeater is router mode, which means AR750s has its own subnet and its client is invisible for the main router.

If in network mode and set up as extender, your two clients should get IP from the main router. When you use this mode, you can only access AR750s using the IP address which it get from the main router, when you connect to the main router directly.