AR750S Slow Wifi

Hi, I am using the AR750s in router mode, The Internet is setup through Wireless Repeater with the WiFi Radio disabled so purely Wireless to Wired setup in a sense.
When set this way, the speed I get is only around 10mbps, where if I used a phone/laptop to do the speed test, I can get close to 30mbps.

I tried to use the mobilephone as tether, with it connected to the same WiFi hoping to see speed improvement, but the speed I got is the same.

What possibly causing this?
I understand that if I were to use the Slate as both STA and AP it will half the speed, but in this case since I turned off the radio on the AP side, it shouldn’t share the bandwidth right?

in my silly attempt to troubleshoot this myself, I deleted any other wireless interface under the 2.4GHz radio, with the hope it will be used purely as sta, but seems like the same result.

Is the network you are connecting to 2.4 or 5 GHz?

I’m currently playing with the settings and if I connect it in extender mode via 5GHz to my local WiFi I only get around 10, while if connected to the 2.4GHz, I get around 50.

In router mode I had the best results connecting with 2.4GHz to the local network and disable 2.4GHz for the clients connecting to the Slate at around 90. This of course is only possible if all clients support 5GHz WiFi. And connecting via cable (like your setting) I got up to 110, which is the max. of my ISP connection.

That’s weird…
Which version are you on? I just went to the latest with wipe config.
I’m using router mode similar to your setup. Public WiFi via 2.4ghz to slate, client to slate via 5ghz or cable

Firmware version I use is 3.100