AR750S Switch Button Turns On/Off ShadowSocks Client?

Just got my AR750S Slate and started playing with it.

First question I get after ShadowSocks Client is up and running is - is there a way to map that Connect/Disconnect webpage button to the physical switch?
Pre-installed OpenVPN and WireGuard are shown in the dropdown list within MORE SETTINGS/BUTTON SETTINGS but there is no SS available.


The SS is available, but it is a plug-in. You can read this guide to set it up. Overview - GL.iNet Docs

Thanks for the info but this is NOT what I was asking about.
My question was not about how to install SS, but how to get the installed SS On/Off controlled by the router’s physical switch on the side.

@Freddy, I know you are looking for help with Shadowsocks and the switch but if at all possible, try Wireguard. I was using Shadowsocks for a while but found Wireguard has the same performance but is much more robust…

Your recommendation is very much appreciated @lostdog, I will definitely look into this method.

In the meanwhile - not sure if it would be appropriated to discuss here tho - would you mind making suggestions on good-yet-not-so-expensive service providers?



Sorry, I can’t help you there. I run a Wireguard server from my home. I connect to it when I travel using my AR750S.

I see, that would ne nice if it worked for my situation…
I’ll looking into VPS instead.

Thanks again @lostdog