AR750S - Use 2G & 5G LEDs for WAN & LAN Tx/Rx

Been into Luci and in the System->LED Configuration section there are a number of possible Trigger codes that can be set for WLAN2G & WLAN5G.

Is it possible to use the 2G & 5G LED lights to show when Tx/Rx is being utilised on WAN & LAN ??
Something like this - WLAN5G LED = WAN Tx/Rx and WLAN2G LED = LAN Tx/Rx.
In effect use the 2G & 5G LEDs to signal when traffic is going to/coming from the relevant port.
*** No WiFi, all hardwired with Cat6 cable everywhere *** so can use LEDs for other purposes

not sure if it’s needed buy you can look into

Got it working through Luci LED Configuration, to get the 5G LED showing when WAN is active & 2G LED showing when LAN1 is active set the following

WLAN2G - Trigger = netdev / Device = eth0.1 / Trigger Mode = Check Transmit, Check Receive
WLAN5G - Trigger = netdev / Device = eth0 / Trigger Mode = Check Transmit, Check Receive

FYI Device codes - eth0 = WAN / eth0.1 = LAN1 / eth0.2 = LAN2