AR750S - WAN not working properly on OpenWRT

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I recently updated my ar750s to a pure OpenWrt 22.03.2 (downloaded on
Everything works fine. But when I plug the ethernet cable into the WAN socket, it behaves strangely. It will connect and disconnect from the internet every 10 seconds!
If I connect the internet cable to another socket (LAN), it’ll work fine, but the AR750S behaves like a switch, and the admin page will not open anymore.
The wan and lan work fine in the official GLiNet firmware.

Here is an example for ping and timeouts:

I want to install V2ray and use this ar750s as a repeater but repeat a VPNed Wifi.


What is the upstream router or modem?

You might start by downgrading to 21.02.5 and see if you have the same problem on the earlier release. There were some significant networking changes in 22.03, so getting a baseline could be useful.

Archer VR600v3. It’s routing from LTE.

I downgraded to 21.02.5
Nothing’s changed. It’s still timing out every 8 or 9 packets.

Does the archer have a real IPv4 address (I know my cell provider generally provides only IPv6). Can you see if you have the same results when you ping6 or similar?

my ISP doesn’t provide ipv6 at all. I have an antenna on the roof which receives LTE and send it to the Archer. the archer is as a router as well with 192.168… IP address.

What happens when you ping the archer from the AR750S? Do you still get the timeouts?

Yea. Timeout when I ping (ar750s) exactly like other pings.

It looks like the archer is, no?

In other words, instead of pinging, ping (what appears to be the archer gateway)

LTE modem ( → Archer router ( and → ar750s (

If your archer also has then you need to change one of them - can’t have two devices on the same network with the same IP address.

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